Cheapest way to custom build an efficiency apartment sized home?

by Vidan on February 5, 2011

Question by M S: Cheapest way to custom build an efficiency apartment sized home?
Rather than paying high interest on a mortgage, buying a not-so-maintanance-free wooden home or cheaply built manufactured home, or paying rent on an apartment that doesn’t translate into owned equity…
I would like to know the best options for building an efficiency apartment-sized home for under 000 (not including land cost) on my own land.

How would I get the materials (IE, cement/bricks/steel) to the land and how much of it can I learn to assemble myself (and, when I can, where can I find guides on how to do it)?

Also, what are the shipping costs and where can I find suppliers? Is building a stronger/purely cement house tricker and, if so, how (also, how does it differ from, say, building a cement pool)?

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Answer by Amos S
no way I can answer the question in the space allowed.Simple wood frame structure is cheapest.Build in thermal efficiencies and it will be cheap to occupy.Least expensive route is always the tried and true methods.I would research older homes in your area to determine what works best for your climate,then hit the library for building guides.Good Luck.
P.S. all home supply/lumber yards will quote the entire project based on the plans and list of materials.Delivery will be included.

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Jim N February 5, 2011 at 11:30 am

Here is a website for a company that specializes in small home plans with a fascinating forum filled with many people and pictures that have built their own small homes including an 18 Year old girl. Whether off the electrical grid, for vacation or retirement or just to bootstrap yourself into a better place in life, a good idea. Imagine a life without a mortgage payment or, build your first home, sell it and and create instant profit. I plan on building a cabin at a lake using some of these ideas. Not every home has to be professionally built and in a subdivision. Nearly everyone built their own home 200 years ago! Good Luck.


Dune February 5, 2011 at 11:57 am

Check out the web for kit set homes in you state, they will have all of the data and prices.


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